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Sony A90J OLED Review
March 2021
Release Date
~ $2200
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Sony A90J's design is great! The best way it's design was described was "All picture, No hardware".
Its super slim, and the black border around the screen is almots non-existent. Even the feet becomes almost invisible, when positioned at their flattest configuration.

While the outer edges on the Sony A90J are thin, the middle section is very solid and a bit thicker. Which gives it a nice industrial vibe. 

All in all, a very robust but elegant design!


The performance of the Sony A90J is near perfect, and not matched by many TV's.

The video performance is outstanding, and exactly what you would expect from a Sony Tv. The motion is great and delivering near perfect performance with MotionFlow switched off.

On the gaming side there was no real issues. No image issues and no input delays

This Sony A90J is a powerhouse


The only real weakness Sony A90J's display has, is that it might not be bright enough for everyone.
No real issues with colors, contrast or viewing angles. Reflections are also no problem at all.

Even the out of the box settings are impressive. After the calibration, the Sony A90J's color accuracy was exceptional.

Bottom line is, the Sony A90J has a really good display


When it comes to Audio, the Sony A90J delivers direct, quite dynamic sound. It is not the first time Sony's acoustic Surface Audio+ impresses. And it's probably not the last time. The Sony A90J review's had no real issues with the sound quality coming from the Television.

But when taking into consideration how good the Display is, the Sony A90J almost deserves better audio quality

With that said, the audio quality is stil of impressive detail, and with a worthwhile punch!

rtings - Sony A90J Review

"The Sony A90J is an amazing 4k TV from Sony's Master Series"

Key takeaways

Reasons To Buy

+ Near-perfect black levels

+ Image stays accurate at most viewing angles.

+ Motion looks exceptionally smooth.

Reasons To Avoid

- Risk of permanent burn-in

- May not be bright enough for some.


tech radar- Sony A90J review

"Sony advances the art of  with the Sony A90J"

Key takeaways

Reasons To Buy

+ Exquisite picture quality

+ Robust sound

+ Nice new OS

+ Some HDMI 2.1 support

Reasons To Avoid

- No UK catch-up TV services

- Not exactly cheap

- Missing some key features

what hi fi - Sony A90J TV review

"As long as you can live with its HDMI 2.1 limitations, the Sony A90J is the best TV you can buy right now"

Key takeaways

Reasons To Buy

+ Supremely punchy and sharp

+ Peerless motion processing

+ Excellent sound by TV standards

Reasons To Avoid

- Missing/buggy HDMI 2.1 features

- Lacks UK catch-up apps

- Pricier than most rivals


Avforums - Sony A90J TV Review

"The Sony A90J is one of the best SDR and HDR performers for 2021"

Key takeaways

Reasons To Buy

+ Superb HDR brightness from XR Contrast Pro tech

+ Cognitive Processor XR image quality

+ Outstanding SDR image accuracy after calibration

+ Excellent video upscaling and processing

+ Superb motion with film and TV show content

+ Auto Calibration with Calman

+ Great sound quality from Acoustic Surface Pro+

+ Bravia Core

Reasons To Avoid

- Only two 48Gbps HDMI 2.1 inputs

- Some instances of raised blacks with some content

- Could be more accurate out of the box (no Filmmaker Mode)

- Missing important terrestrial Apps in the UK

- Expensive compared to rivals


Sony A90J OLED Review
(The Sony a90j , from this review)

T3 - Sony A90J review: Sony's best 4K TV ever, and an masterpiece

"A TV that nears perfection."

Key takeaways

Reasons To Buy

+ Punchiest OLED HDR pictures yet

+ Awesome motion and upscaling processing

+ Ultra-minimalist design

+ Immersive, open sound

Reasons To Avoid

- No VRR or 4K/120fps with Dolby Vision

- No Dolby Vision game mode

- Missing UK streaming apps


pocketlint - Sony A90J TV review: Punchy pictures, punchy price

"The days when every new generation of TVs typically only ushered in small, incremental improvements in picture quality are over."

Key takeaways

Reasons To Buy

+ Beautifully natural and contrast-rich pictures

+ 25% brighter picture potential than predecessor

+ Excellent sound quality

+ Robust but elegant design

Reasons To Avoid

- Expensive versus some OLED rivals

- Still awaiting a VRR firmware update - so not great for gamers

- Dolby Vision gaming limitations

- StiHDR colours occasionally show signs of mild banding/striping noise

- Pricey considering the rivals



Trusted Reviews - Sony A90J Review

"Finding an authentically poor TV is becoming more and more difficult – but it’s still pretty easy to identify one of the very best."

Key takeaways

Reasons To Buy

+ Superb picture quality

+ Great new OS and remote control

+ Some HDMI 2.1 compatibility


Reasons To Avoid

- Some HDMI 2.1 omissions

- Quite pricey


digital trends - Sony A90J 4K TV review: OLED advanced

"Spoiler alert: This TV is superb."

Key takeaways

Reasons To Buy

- Brightest OLED TV

- Exceptional HDR performance

- Perfect black levels

- Stunning detail



Reasons To Avoid

- VRR still missing


Is Sony A90J worth it?

 Sony's A90J OLED TV is an expensive alternative that has the greatest picture of any TV we've examined. It's been a premium favorite since it reached the market in the spring of 2021, and it still provides a fantastic image in a beautiful style with strong sound and a Google TV smart interface.

Is Sony A90J available in India?

While Sony's A90J is accessible in other countries, it will not be offered in India. However, if you're looking for an OLED TV that can make content pop, the A80J is no slouch. The TV is powered by Sony's XR Cognitive processor, which analyses images in the same manner as our eyes do.

Is A90J bright enough?

The HDR brightness of the Sony A90J is adequate. It outperforms most OLEDs we've tested so far, but it falls short of the brightest LED TVs, such as the Samsung QN90A QLED. Nonetheless, the general brightness of the settings is appropriate and may bring out the majority of the highlights.

Is it worth buying Sony X90J?

With a far larger number of LEDs than any other LCD product, the X90J is therefore the gold standard for LCD TV illumination. This results in excellent image clarity, localized dimming, vibrant colors, and remarkable contrast.

Is full array LED better than OLED?

Full array, particularly MINI-LED, is an excellent intermediate technology, even outperforming OLEDs in some areas. Some of its advantages are maximum brightness and no burn-in. However, because most TVs with full array still do not have tiny led, they frequently have a lot of bloom visible on them.

Is Sony A90J good for gaming?

PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PC... They'll all look fantastic on these massive, stunning displays. The Sony A90J is an excellent OLED alternative.

Does Sony A90J have Dolby Vision?

Sony A90J has 4K and Dolby Vision, but with a greater bitrate like Blu-ray. This TV is IMAX Enhanced video certified, making it a very spectacular set.

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